Why Use a PHP Framework?

Why Use a PHP Framework?

Frameworks for use in web development have been steadily gaining in popularity. Some web technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, are frameworks. Others, like CSS, are benefiting from the emergence of new frameworks like Blueprint CSS. There are a number of high quality frameworks for use with PHP. These frameworks bring a number of benefits to your PHP development. And it is these benefits that are why you should use a PHP framework.

Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Most PHP frameworks are based on the design pattern known as Model-View-Controller (MVC). This design pattern uses object oriented code to break a web application into modular pieces. The model handles the database portion of the application. The controller provides business logic. The view controls the actual HTML pages being rendered. On reason for using a PHP framework that follows MVC is that it creates cleaner, more modular code. It is much easier to make changes such as switching to a different database system when all the code of a component is in its own module. Without a PHP framework, it is easy for code to become disorganized or convoluted. There are so many ways to do the same task in PHP. Using a PHP framework helps provide a single way to handle many common tasks and that results in much cleaner code and easier maintenance.

Separate PHP from HTML

Speaking of maintenance, have you ever had to change a database connection string in some PHP code? If so, you may have had to look through and edit multiple files. Using a PHP framework enforces modular code which makes these types of maintenance tasks simple.

Web development has become much more complicated. Not too long ago, a web designer designed the graphics, wrote the HTML and developed an entire web site. Now web applications are made by teams of people with various skills. PHP frameworks that use MVC make this process much easier. A web designer can maintain the HTML templates without needing to know a lot of PHP or database code. Likewise, a database specialist can optimize queries in one place. Using a PHP framework makes collaborative web development far easier.

User-friendly URL Namespaces

Another reason you should use a PHP framework for your development, is that frameworks provide user-friendly URL namespaces. Most PHP frameworks utilize a routing or dispatcher class that maps URLs to classes and methods. This way you can avoid unwieldy URLs that include query strings. An added benefit of this is that your URLs will be more search engine friendly and you can add keywords to your URLs for some basic search engine optimization.

Rapid Development

The greatest benefit of using a PHP framework is the ability to rapidly develop web applications. A PHP framework will make your development time much more efficient. The framework already provides so many of the basic elements of a web application such as an interface to the database, sessions, URL mapping and more. By having these items already developed and tested, writing a new web application is greatly simplified. You may be surprised just how much faster using a PHP framework can be.


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