8 Hottest Tech Jobs of 2014

8 Hottest Tech Jobs of 2014

1. Software Engineer

Software engineers work on the design, development, maintenance and evaluation of computer software and systems. Depending on the company, software engineers’ duties can range from developing new applications and project planning to upgrading existing software and providing security support.

Average Annual Base Salary: $93,030

Number of Employers Hiring in the U.S.: 4,461

(Data provided by Glassdoor)

2. Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who specialize in Internet and browser applications, and can also focus on the design and workings of a website. According to Robert Half Technology’s 2014 IT Salary Guide, in-demand web development skills include .NET, Java, PHP, Silverlight, Flex, MySQL and portal technologies, such as SharePoint.

Average Salary: $70,000 – $113,500

(Data provided by Robert Half Technology)

3. Network Systems Analyst / Network Engineer

Depending on the company, these two roles can either be separate or one in the same. Network systems analysts monitor the efficiency of a company’s network systems — including local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), Internet and Intranet — and set up networks as needed. Certain companies label this same position as network engineer, while others hire network engineers to configure infrastructures from scratch, designing and implementing the plans to set up a new network.

Average Salary: $76,000

(Data provided by Indeed)

4. Mobile Developer

It should come as no surprise that mobile developers are in demand, seeing as 56% of American adults own a smartphone — and what is a smartphone without apps?

Mobile developers work on the design, back-end and creation of mobile apps, and depending on the company, can include entertainment, information, communication and more.

Average Annual Base Salary: $90,920

Number of Employers Hiring in the U.S.: 323

(Data provided by Glassdoor)

5. IT Manager

IT Managers’ jobs will vary by company — they can either be in charge of internal IT operations or focus more on strategy for client-tailored, technology-based solutions.

Average Annual Base Salary: $105,168

Number of Employers Hiring in the U.S.: 315

(Data provided by Glassdoor)

6. Sales Development

As mentioned below, sales is a great way for digital-savvy people to get into tech, without needing an engineering or computer science background. Of course, the roles are completely different: Those who work in sales focus on revenue and keeping a tech company afloat financially, while other tech professionals — such as developers and programmers — focus on product.

Median Salary: $48,000 (for Sales Representative)

(Data provided by Glassdoor)

7. Database Administrator

Big data is, well, big. And it’s important to businesses. In order extract valuable information from a ton of data about customers and users, companies need tech experts to collect and analyze it. That’s the database administrator’s job; he or she stores, organizes and manages data in line with the company’s goals. Security is another facet of the job, as DBAs are often responsible for protecting a company’s sensitive data.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 31% employment growth for database administrators between 2010 and 2020, which is much faster than the average job.

Median Salary: $63,000

(Data provided by Glassdoor)

8. Chief Digital Officer

ZDNet recently reported that the position of chief digital officer will be Asia’s hottest senior tech job in 2014. The position is gathering steam stateside as well, and for the same reason: the move toward big data, cloud services and cybersecurity.

In 2011, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hired Rachel Haot as the city’s first chief digital officer. Sree Sreenivasan, a longtime journalism professor at Columbia University, became the school’s first chief digital officer in 2012. A year later, he became the first chief digital officer of Met Museum.

As companies in a variety of industries make forays into digital, there’s no doubt chief digital officers will be more in demand this year.

Average Annual Base Salary: $108,000

(Data via Indeed)


Source: Mashable

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